Infrastructure Australia


Infrastructure Australia (INAU) held a deep dive exercise in February 2017, to review capital costs and operational assumptions and to explore further cost reduction options for the project. The review was thorough and went very well, with significant progress at assessing the overall building design, with a further consortium meeting planned (see below).

As the detailed design phase of the project advances, INAU has been busy seeking out potential gaps in scope that may have been missed in the ICD’s, or that may require further definition. Work on the ICD’s to flesh out any unknowns or undefined items has been a significant focus for the team and is going very well.

The recently released SKAO EMC standards document is allowing us to progress in the area of RFI compliance for INAU, including the EMC Compliance documents.

A follow-up two day design workshop was held in Perth with Aurecon, to further review the LOW CPF building design process for SKA. The workshop involved engineering experts from around Australia and was used to check the approach on how the facilities will be used for the lifetime of the instrument. Consideration was given to how the various project requirements, including the critical RFI standards, can be met most cost effectively – we examined the shape of the building, future expansion options, reduction of space, usability and cost. The large fibre entry pit into the CPF was considered in accordance with the RFI standards and control document. The team had some excellent discussion around this, with a number of decisions made.

The INAU Consortium Leader, Ant Schinckel, is ramping up in his new dual role of Head of SKA1 Low Construction planning, a secondment to the SKAO (though based primarily in Sydney).

The SKAO Board meeting was held at the end of March in Perth. As a part of this, CSIRO and Department of Industry Innovation and Science hosted the Board Members on site at Boolardy, with a number staying overnight, including a very successful evening of stargazing.
Members of the INAU management and design team are preparing for the 2017 Engineering Meeting in the Netherlands in June. We are looking forward to valuable face to face time with the other Consortia, as we move through this important design phase of the project.

Report provided by the Infrastructure Australia consortium