Low-Frequency Aperture Array


After the first deployment of the LFAA verification system at the Murchison Radio Observatory debugging started. This resulted in a number of corrections which will be tested in a campaign in August. When successful, full deployment of the 400-antenna large system will be executed later this year. Parallel to the deployment of antennas and electronics, the control software, which includes a TM emulator, will be completed. The software is largely Tango based and will be able to control the system and perform observation tests.

Figure 1. Aperture Array Verification System control software

The Cost Control Project also affected the Low Frequency Aperture Array work, in particular for the antenna design. A full evaluation of the options has been conducted and modification to the SKALA and MWA antenna have been investigated. Conclusions are expected early September.

The LFAA team got together end of July in Oxford for a busy week. Preliminary evaluation of the Verification System has been discussed and options for system improvements considered. The LFAA IET from the SKAO joined LFAA in this meeting.

Figure 2. The LFAA team enlarged with the IET SKAO in Oxford at the busy week

Report provided by the LFAA consortium