Telescope Manager



The Telescope Manager (TM) systems will interact with and control elements of the Observatory in order to make it function. It will effectively be the brain and nervous system of the SKA Telescope, playing a central role, managing resources and executing observations.

Telescope Manager Consortium (TM) activity is organised in the following sub-packages.

  • Telescope Management (TelMgt): engineering management of the instrument.
  • Observation Management (ObsMgt): usage of the instrument for astronomical observation.
  • Local Monitoring & Control (LMC): monitoring & control of TM itself.
  • Local infrastructure (LINFRA): computational, communications, power, facilities.
  • User Interface (UI): UI development and technology exploration.
  • Authentication and Authorisation (A&A): with application project wide.
  • Prototyping: development of prototypes to validate the design.

Since the last reporting in March 2017, the Telescope Consortium (TM) has made good progress with the detailed design. All the Mission Threads (MTs) and Views identified after adopting the SEI approach for TM have been completed. The Team is busy incorporating the outcome of the above into the CDR design and documentation. In the meantime, one more version of the TM Cost estimates was submitted ahead of the July SKA Board meeting. All the identified prototyping work is concluded except two prototypes. Similarly, GUI and Requirements Engineering activities have made good progress.

The summary of the work taken up since the last reporting, key events and accomplishments are as follows.


The 2nd version of the Prototyping Report was submitted in April, which was then reviewed by SKAO. The LMC Interface Simulator prototype is concluded now. Overall most of the prototyping is already completed except the following two; The GUI prototype started late, but has made good progress. The LINFRA prototyping work is yet to start; however, procurement of the hardware for the same is in progress.

Revised TM Cost Estimates

The TM revised cost estimates were submitted in June ahead of the July 2017 SKA Board meeting without much significant change. More recently, the SKAO has capped the TM cost at 38 M Euros which means TM has to show a reduction of ~ 5 M Euros on the last submitted cost in order to meet the cost cap. Resolution Team (RT) has been set up to look into the matter.

GUI Activities:

Three of the five planned GUI CDR deliverables have been already delivered and reviewed. The fourth one will be released by the end of July and the last one (UI Design Principles), which has a scope to become a SKA level GUI principles, will be released by mid September.

Progress Following the Adoption of the SEI Approach for ™

The new CDR plan put together by the TM Consortium has been approved by SKAO. The new CDR data pack submission Milestone (M35) is now due by January 2018 rather than the initial deadline of August 2017. Similarly, the new CDR closure timeline is June 2018 compared to the previous deadline of December 2017. Thus overall delay of 6 months in the SKA 1 Phase II timeline.

Following the SEI’s Views and Beyond approach the team has made good progress on the identified Views. These Views will become part of the TM’s Architecture documentation. Most of the Views have been already concluded while few are being worked out currently with some delay. All the Mission Threads (MT) identified for TM has been already completed and the outcome of the same is being folded into TM Architecture Documentation.

The newly identified Milestone-M30, TM & Authentication and Authorization (A&A) Requirements Review, is close to completion. Most of the External ICDs have made good progress whereas few are delayed but being dealt with now. Another Milestone M31, Internal Review – TM Services Documentation Pack, is being delivered on time for review.

The work on the Telescope Model suspended earlier in 2014 has been revived ahead of the SKA Engineering Meeting. A TM team along with people from the Office have made good progress on the definition and concept of the Telescope Model. Further detail design work is ongoing.

SKA Engineering Meeting and TM Face-to-Face (F2F) Meeting in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

All TM sub-work packages were well represented at the SKA Engineering Meeting. This meeting provided an opportunity for the inter-consortium and the SKAO interactions on various issues, areas and had fruitful discussions.

This was followed by a two-day TM F2F meeting organised in Rotterdam to take the stock of the progress and discuss various ongoing technical issues at TM and SKA level.

TM Architecture Team (TMAT):

The TMAT team consisting of four TM key members was set up to look into and fast track outstanding TM Architecture issues. The team is authorised to make a final decision on the technical issues and meets at least once a week. There has been good progress to the outstanding issues since the team was formed.

Report provided by the TM consortium