SKA-JP Engineering Regional Workshop in Kagoshima

The engineering working group of the Japan SKA consortium held a conference entitled “SKA-JP Engineering Regional Workshop in Kagoshima” at Kagoshima University in December 17 2016.

The purpose of the conference was to introduce the SKA project mainly to academic and industry engineers, to discuss their technical capabilities or technical seeds related to the SKAs engineering requirements, and to boost Japanese SKA-related engineering activity. There were a total of 48 participants including 16 attendee’s from industries in Kagoshima prefecture and in Kyushu area. Sixteen oral presentations and eighteen poster presentations were also given. All oral presentations were requested to provide poster presentation to help with better understanding and discussion.

Outcomes of this meeting included some industry engineers joining the consortium. Moreover, we achieved a diverse exchange of opinions about what kind of technology Japan can provide to the SKA project when Japan takes part in the project. The working group hopes to continue organising similar conferences in other regions in Japan. The conference HP is http://milkyway.sci.kagoshima-u.ac.jp/skajp-ewg2016/

Picture1Figure1: Group photo of SKA-JP Engineering Regional Workshop in Kagoshima.

Workshop on Galaxy Evolution and High-z Universe 2017

An SKA-JP workshop “Galaxy Evolution and High-z Universe 2017” was held from 7th Jan to 9th Jan at Aso, Kumamoto. This is the fourth of this workshop series. We had 26 participants and 22 talks on Epoch of Reionization, galaxy evolution and cosmology. One of the features of this workshop was that we had several invited talks on other wavelengths such as ALMA and Subaru HSC/PFS and synergies between the SKA, with some intensive discussions taking place.

Last year, we joined the MWA, one of the SKA precursors, and developed “MWA-Japan”, A report on the progress of observational research using the MWA and future prospect was another highlight of this workshop. Especially, early results on cross-correlation between redshifted 21cm line from the MWA and Lyman-alpha emitter from Subaru HSC/PFS survey and its physical interpretation with numerical simulation were presented. This is one of the main interests of MWA-Japan and we will investigate the possibility of cross-correlation between the SKA and Subaru as well.

SKA Engineering Report for Japanese Researchers/Engineers

The SKA Japan consortium has written a Japanese report about the SKA technologies. The purpose of the report is to introduce engineering developments for the SKA to Japanese researchers and engineers and to encourage them to join the work package consortia (WPC). The report summarises the WPC, their developments, and the SKA design including the result of our study of the SKA technologies and possible Japanese contributions. We will distribute the report not only to the Japanese radio astronomy community but also to academic and industrial researchers, to help them to understand the SKA, and then stimulate Japan to join the SKA. The report is being available from SKA-JP’s webpage.

Report provided by Hiroyuki Nakanishi, Kagoshima University