News from Observer Countries

News From Portugal

Biostirling 4 SKA Project achieved final success! Phased array approaches for the SKA such as LFAA and the future MFAA, functionally rely on significant pre-processing per observing station before combining all stations output in a central correlator. Interestingly enough, while…Read more

News From Spain

SKA-Link project In April, the kick-off meeting of the SKA-Link project at the IAA-CSIC took place in Granada. This project, officially called SKA-Link: combining knowledge to pioneer Big Data, is a 2-year project funded by the I-LINK+2016 grant from CSIC…Read more

News from France

French subtitles for the SKA Trailer “Discovering the Unknown” We are happy to announce that, thanks to the collaboration between SKAO, CNRS/INSU and SKA-France, the SKA Trailer “Discovering The Unknown” is now available with French subtitles. LAB officially involved in…Read more