SKA-Link project

In April, the kick-off meeting of the SKA-Link project at the IAA-CSIC took place in Granada.

This project, officially called SKA-Link: combining knowledge to pioneer Big Data, is a 2-year project funded by the I-LINK+2016 grant from CSIC and led by the AMIGA team (IAA-CSIC), that aims to create a deep understanding of the best technical strategies for successfully exploiting the immense flow of science-ready data that SKA will generate. For this purpose, the AMIGA team has taken advantage of its experience in e-Science and SKA-SDP (SKA Science Data Processor) membership to establish collaboration between:

1) key members of the SDP consortium plus the ones involved in the design of the SKA Regional Centres,

2) experts on cutting edge e-Science technologies for the scientific exploitation of DCIs (Distributed Computing Infrastructures) and

3) Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, with the goal of contributing to make SKA a reference, not only in science and technology, but in the scientific methodology too.

Picture of the SKA-Link kick-off meeting. From left to right: Christopher Skipper (U. of Manchester), Robert Simmonds (UCT), Peter Kacsuk (SZTAKI), Malcolm Atkinson (U. of Edinburgh), Rosie Bolton (U. of Cambridge), Russell Taylor (IDIA), Michael Wise (ASTRON), Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro (IAA-CSIC), Yan Grange (ASTRON), Susana Sánchez-Expósito (IAA-CSIC), Antxón Alberdi (IAA-CSIC), Antonio Chrysostomou (SKAO), Amrey Krause (U. of Edinburgh), Jens Krüger (U. of Tübingen), Rosa Filgueira (BGS), Julián Garrido (IAA-CSIC), Alessandro Spinuso (KNMI).

Proposal for ESOF Conference 2018

As one more example of the concern and involvement IAA-CSIC has regarding e-Science and scientific reproducibility as a fundamental aspect of the Scientific Method, the AMIGA team submitted a proposal to the SKAO for the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) Conference 2018, focused on reproducible science and new metrics in the era of Megascience infrastructures. The idea was accepted and a session called “Is the current measure of excellence perverting Science? A Data deluge is coming, it is time to act” was submitted by the SKAO for its evaluation. ESOF organisers will come back to session submitters in October-November to update them on their submission. Fingers crossed…

New Industry Liaison Officer

Spain counts now with a new ILO nominated by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness: Javier Echávarri, from the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), being the new contact point for the Spanish industry.

Outreach activities

SKA was presented by Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro (IAA-CSIC), coordinator of the Spanish participation in the SKA, in the II Data Beer Granada. This event is meant to be an exchange of knowledge and activities related to Big Data, explained in a relaxing place such as a pub while people are having a beer. In 7 minutes, the speakers had to explain the topic related to Big Data they were working on. It aroused a big interest among the audience and participants. The event was a great success, reaching the capacity crowd (~80 people) in attendance.

Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro during her talk called “But… What does Jodie Foster have in common with Big Data? The answer is SKA and it is not a type of music”.

Report provided by Marina Fernández-Peña Mollá (IAA-CSIC)