News from the Precursor & Pathfinder facilities

Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA)

The HERA project ( has recently received US$5.8M from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to expand HERA to its full build-out to 350 and to extend the frequency performance down to about 50 MHz to advance Cosmic Dawn science.…Read more

GMRT Report

The upgraded GMRT moves to the next level of release The work on the upgrade of the GMRT continues to make good progress. Following up on the release of the 2nd phase of the upgraded GMRT (uGMRT) in October 2016,…Read more

MeerKAT Report

Producing MeerKAT Images with an Unlikely Algorithm An age-old complex mathematical problem solved by an unlikely algorithm is part of the secret behind the success of the MeerKAT First Light image. The algorithm has provided the calibration solutions necessary to…Read more

Parkes Telescope

Since the last issue, progress has continued on the development of the new Ultra-Wideband receiver (700 MHz to 4 GHz), in particular with the backend component, for which a preliminary system will be installed at Parkes in April/May. This will…Read more

ASKAP Report

ASKAP Commissioning and Early Science The ASKAP Survey Science WALLABY (Widefield ASKAP L-band Legacy All-sky Blind surveY) Team has created a preliminary ASKAP 21-cm radio continuum map of the region around the southern pinwheel galaxy M83 (see box in bottom…Read more

Murchison Widefield Array Report

MWA Status The MWA completed the 2016-B semester after a successful reconfiguration of the array into the compact configuration that utilises the two new 36-tile redundant “hexes”. The completion of the two new hexes were the first major milestone of…Read more