Parkes Telescope

Since the last issue, progress has continued on the development of the new Ultra-Wideband receiver (700 MHz to 4 GHz), in particular with the backend component, for which a preliminary system will be installed at Parkes in April/May. This will be tested with the existing receiver fleet which will allow for the development of backend modes, both high spectral resolution and high time resolution, and the development of RFI mitigation techniques.

Progress has also been made on the proposal for a cryogenically cooled PAF on Parkes. A funding proposal was submitted to the Australian Research Council in March, for a system based on the `rocket’ PAF prototype design (Figure 1) but with full focal plane sampling (36 beams).

This Cryo-PAF will represent the third generation of CSIRO designed and built PAFs.

Through cooling, the system temperature performance will match the long established and highly successful multibeam receiver but the PAF will afford a much wider field of view, wider bandwidth, and higher efficiency.

Picture2Prototype third-generation ‘Rocket’ Phased Array Feed with 5×4 elements

Report provided by the Annabelle Young, CSIRO