News from the Precursor & Pathfinder facilities

ASKAP Report

Astronomer tags ASKAP as the best instrument in the world for finding FRB’s Australian astronomers have found a ‘fast radio burst’ (FRB) after searching for only three and half days, using eight of ASKAP’s 36 dishes. FRB170107 was found as…Read more

Murchison Widefield Array Report

Site update The deployment of the long baseline tiles required for the extended Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) Phase 2 configuration saw major progress this quarter. All of the cabling, mesh and dipoles required for the 56 new tiles were successfully…Read more

Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA)

HERA construction is in full throttle again after a short slow down to prepare for the larger scale construction of the fully funded project. In this period, the focus had been on preparing the infrastructure, hiring the people and buying…Read more

MeerKAT Report

MeerKAT AR1.5 In March 2017 SKA South Africa achieved the integration of AR1.5, 32 antennas of the MeerKAT radio telescope with a single polarisation correlator. Image credit: optical data from Palomar Observatory Sky Survey; radio data from SKA South Africa’s…Read more