News from the Precursor & Pathfinder facilities

ASKAP Report

ASKAP Early Science is underway and by the end of 2016, 30 antennas will be fitted with the second generation of CSIRO’s multi-award winning phased array feed (PAF) receiver. ASKAP Early Science kicks off ASKAP’s Early Science programme formally began…Read more

Murchison Widefield Array Report

MWA status The MWA’s Phase II expansion phase reached a major milestone in September with the successful commissioning of the compact configuration Phase II array. Regular observations began at the start of October for the 2016-B observing semester, with a…Read more

Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA)

The HERA project ( has recently received US$9.5M from the US National Science Foundation for a three-year effort to build out the array to 240 dishes in the compact core. The HERA partners also contribute resources towards that goal, particularly…Read more

GMRT Report

The second phase of the GMRT upgrade draws popular response from the global user community From 15th October 2016 onwards, the 2nd phase of the upgraded GMRT (uGMRT) started real observations, following proposals that were submitted in July. We are…Read more

MeerKAT Report

Digital migration in the Karoo – the benefits to MeerKAT and SKA The recent move by South Africa to switch off analogue television in the Karoo, as an initial phase to a national digital migration, is a momentous achievement towards…Read more


Science frontiers for SKA-VLBI The e-EVN has pioneered/implemented real-time electronic very long baseline interferometry (e-VLBI) operations during the past ten years, providing the technological roadmap and setting an operational example for very high resolution observations with SKA1-mid, for short SKA-VLBI.…Read more

Parkes Telescope

PAFs beyond ASKAP Through an agreement with the Max Planck Institute for Radioastronomy (MPIfR), CSIRO has built a PAF receiver for the 100-metre Effelsberg telescope in Germany. Modified for the RFI environment in Germany, the Effelsberg PAF will operate from…Read more