Solar, Heliospheric & Ionospheric Physics

15th European Solar Physics Meeting

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The tri-annual European Solar Physics Meetings (ESPMs) aim to be a forum for European and international scientists working in solar and heliospheric physics, offering opportunities to share and disseminate results on all aspects of modern solar physics research (including observation and theory) that span from the interior of the Sun out into the wider heliosphere.


  • Solar Interior, Dynamo, Large-Scale Flows and the Solar Cycle
  • The Solar Atmosphere: Heating, Dynamics and Coupling
  • Fundamental Plasma Processes in the Solar Atmosphere: Magnetic Reconnection, Waves, Emission, Particle Acceleration
  • From Radio to Gamma Rays: Near-Sun Manifestations and Triggering of Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections
  • Solar-Terrestrial Relations, Solar Wind, Space Weather and Space Climate

Report provided by the Solar, Helio & Iono SWG