Signal and Data Transport


SaDT is responsible for the transmission of SKA data and the provision of timing, across two telescope-wide networks.

The Signal and Data Transport (SADT) Consortium has been focussing on completing and internally reviewing the documentation that describes the detailed design of the SKA networks. This documentation will be submitted for Critical Design Review (CDR) early in the New Year. The major milestone that we achieved over the last period was completion of the technical down-select of the frequency distribution sub-system for the telescope. This downselect was conducted by an independent panel of experts, and we would like to thank Dr. Bill Shillue, Dr Miho Fujieda, Dr Sven-Christian Ebenhag for their extremely thorough review of the Body of Evidence material submitted by the applicants. The panel’s conclusion was a recommendation for the adoption of the solution developed by Tsinghua University for the SKA-low telescope; and for the adoption of the solution developed by the University of Western Australia for the SKA-mid telescope. These recommendations were adopted by the Consortium and endorsed by the SKAO.

The Board of the SKA’s SADT consortium had also selected the synchronisation distribution system designs to be used for both SKA telescopes, endorsing the decision of a panel of leading experts in the field of time synchronisation. You can read the press release here.

Report provided by the SaDT consortium