Wide Band Single Pixel Feeds


The Wide Band SPF consortium is in preparation for PDR for early 2019. Prototype component developments including the Band A prototype feed is ready for assembly. Band B, as described in the August eNews still has issues on one polarisation which requires resolution. We have opened discussion with NRC in Canada for the possibility of testing Band B on the DVA2 dish. Receiver work led by France is tracking SKADC Band 5 with a well-founded concept. The French team are also reviewing the latest ADC developments.

Having concluded the detailed design review (DDR) in September, the band 1 team is currently in final process to complete their qualification model. This update can be found in the Dish consortium report.

The consortium also is considering a revised work programme following PDR that will continue in 2018 and 2019. The programme will include revised deliverables which also includes a new consortium name. We are negotiating to involve new members that will work on cooling concepts and feed design.

Report provided by the WBSPF consortium