Low-Frequency Aperture Array


Late last year the Paris Observatoire Nançay joined the AADC Consortium. The team will focus on alternative beamforming techniques: first results of integrated circuit designs are expected soon.

The consortium is working on the completion of the Critical Design Review material but in the meantime engineering work continues. Prototypes of the improved SKALA antenna have been build and are currently under test in Europe, see the photos below. These prototypes were tested at the MRO as well. After industrialisation and test cycles, the SKALA4 will have better sensitivity and smoother characteristics compared with the SKALA antennas used for the verification system.

Figure 1 SKALA4 under test at Lord’s Bridge, Cambridge, UK

Figure 2 The INAF team testing an alternative SKALA4 construction

Report provided by the LFAA consortium