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The TM Consortium CDR review meeting successfully took place on 17th – 20th April 2018 at the SKA HQ. TM was the first SKA element to face the CDR review meeting. Earlier this year, the Review Readiness Notice (RRN) process leading up to the CDR submission was a useful exercise. Though the CDR submission was delayed by a few weeks, the overall timeline to complete the CDR phase remained unchanged. Following the review, we are now busy closing out actions identified during the review and are hopeful we will achieve the milestone by June 2018 as planned.

The summary of the work taken up since the last reporting, key events and accomplishments are as follows :

Revised TM Cost Estimates

The revised cost estimates for TM were submitted in November 2017 against the Milestone M34 and this was followed up by one more revision to address comments from the review. The estimates were further updated to incorporate the new cost guidance received in December 2017 and resubmitted in February 2018 for the CDR, and the same was also used as the inputs for the April 2018 SKA Board meeting. The TM Cost has increased slightly (~ 0.7 M Euro) vis-a-vis previous TM cost cap (i.e. 38.8 M Euro). This change was expected due to the adjustment of the labour rates from April 2016 to Dec 2017 values, as per the new cost guidance, and increase in the allocation effort of the Product Owner role for each agile team.

Progress in Architecture and Design

  • The Busy Week approach was very helpful in resolving outstanding issues with the TM Requirements and Compliance. Following this, a new version of TM requirements was produced and submitted for CDR.
  • All the External Interface Control Documents (ICD) were signed and submitted for CDR, though with a delay of about a week or so.
  • The remaining observations on the architecture data pack (Milestone M31) for the “TM Services” software module were addressed and submitted for CDR.
  • One more new view (i.e. Data Model for TMC Operations) was prepared and added into the architecture data pack for the Telescope Monitor and Control (TMC) software module before the final submission for CDR.
  • Authentication, Authorisation and Audit (AAA) Design Report and AAA ICD were updated in support of the observations received as part of Milestone 33.
  • The work on the last milestone, M34, against which we had to submit a number of reports, was completed just in time for the CDR submission.


The much-awaited hardware required for the next phase of the LINFRA prototyping is believed to be received and our Portuguese team, who is leading this activity, has started the remaining prototyping work.

Report provided by the TM consortium