Wide Band Single Pixel Feeds


The WBSPF consortium continues his work towards the PDR. A Band A (1..6 – 5.2 GHz) feed horn was manufactured and tested by the JLRAT team. The test results are in good agreement with the design. The next step is to proceed with the integration of the Band A feed in test cryostat and the execution of tests to evaluate the equivalent Noise Temperature. [Picture of the feed]

The JLRAT team continues to work with the design of the cryostat for the WBSPF. Some critical sub-systems were designed with the support from Onsala Space Observatory. We expect to start with the manufacturing in April and have the cryostat parts ready for assembly in June. [Cryostat Drawing]

The PDR for the WBSPF consortium is scheduled for 3th and 4th of July. The review meeting will be held at Onsala Space Observatory with a review panel appointed from SKAO.

WBSPF Cryostat 1


Report provided by the WBSPF consortium