Ciencia 2018 and the Portuguese SKA WhiteBook

In July Ciencia 2018 had taken place, an annual science and technology summit in Portugal that was promoted by the Portuguese government through the Minister of Science, Technology and Education Higher, among others, and aimed to bring together different stakeholders related with science. South Africa was the guest country of Ciência 2018.

SKA was present with a dedicated session, “SKA, exploring the Universe”, in which participated Mario Santos and Paul Groot, as invited speakers on MeerKAT and MeerLICHT. On this occasion the Portuguese SKA White Book (Sonia Antón) was also presented, the DOPPLER project (Valério Ribeiro), and multi-messenger transient pipeline software developments (Jorge Almeida, Critical Software). This session was highlighted in the frontpage of the newsletter of the Ciencia2018 event, an event that lasted for 3 day with thousands of participants.

The Portuguese SKA Whitebook is a document that aims to bring together the views of those that have been involved in the project, and the community that has no radio expertise but nevertheless is aware of the potential that the SKA might have to their research. There are 25 contributions, from 60 authors and co-authors, from 15 national institutions and 3 national companies, which were divided in 4 big themes: Scientific challenges (Cosmology and gravitational waves; Galaxy evolution: first galaxies, high-z radio sources; AGN and star-formation content; HI dwarf galaxies; Neutron stars, pulsars and transients ; Exoplanets and the cradle of life; Solar and space weather), Education and Dissemination (DOPPLER: Development of PALOP Knowledge in Radio Astronomy), Big Data Computing (High performance computing, virtualisation, pipeline prototype) and Industry linkages (Synergies with space and earth observations, Big data synergies with smart cities).

Report provided by Sonia Anton