1st All-Hands Engage-SKA meeting

8th November 2017, Aveiro, Portugal

Last November took place the formal kick-off meeting of the new Portuguese research infrastructure Enabling Green E-Science for the Square Kilometre Array (Engage-SKA), coordinated by Domingos Barbosa of the radio astronomy Group, Telecommunications Institute, Aveiro, Portugal. This infrastructure is part of the Portuguese Research Infrastructure Roadmap of Strategic Relevance and started officially in 2017. ENGAGE SKA team is the national node for SKA. It involves a team dedicated to the scientific and industrial participation in SKA and for the next three years will target in broad terms the Scientific, Technological and Innovation capacity towards radio astronomy and spin-off impacts, with the development of Portuguese participation in SKA. The meeting counted with senior delegates from institutional nodes discussing the ENGAGE SKA roadmap, and the presentation of new fellows engaging in SKA SWGs and Design Consortia. New members have just joined, namely the researchers Sonia Anton (expert in extragalactic subjects), Alan Alves and Tjarda Boekholt (experts in computational Planetary Systems and Dynamics), Valerio Ribeiro (expert in transients and Novae), Bruno Morgado (expert in cyber systems for radio astronomy and HEP) and Miguel Bergano (expert in receiver systems and industrial procurement).

The project is a partnership between Telecomunication Institute, the University of Aveiro, the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto, the University of Évora and the Beja Polytechnic Institute. ENGAGE SKA is also an interlocutor for the broad Portuguese astronomical community.

Institutional Delegates ENGAGE SKA Family Photo

Report provided by Domingos Barbosa