Parkes Observatory

UWL First Light

In May, the Ultra-wideband Low (UWL) receiver system was installed on the Parkes Telescope. Commissioning observations have been carried out in various observing modes, including pulsar searching, pulsar folding, continuum and spectral line.

For the current semester (2018APR), the UWL is offered as a shared risk national facility and has already been used for the Parkes Pulsar Timing Array project. For the next semester (2018OCT), the UWL will be officially offered as a national facility. Attached below is the first light of UWL on 2018 May 17, a high signal-to-noise ratio pulse profile of the Vela pulsar.

A single pulse from the Vela pulsar as seen across the UWL observing band.

Report provided by Annabelle Young, CSIRO