Parkes Observatory

The Ultra-wideband Low (UWL) receiver (700MHz to 4GHz) was tested on the Parkes 64-m telescope between the 31st July and 2nd August 2017. This installation allowed CSIRO to confirm that the receiver could easily be installed and to demonstrate that we could observe astrophysical sources with the receiver. We also measured the beam shapes and studied the radio interference environment within the wide band.

The tests were remarkably successful.

Within an hour of the telescope becoming available we were able to observe our first astrophysical source: the pulsar J1644-4559.

The final system will include new LNAs, a completely new digitisation system (enabling the entire band to be digitised) and a GPU astronomy-backend system.

We are carrying out research into RFI mitigation methods and calibration procedures for wide band receivers. The intention is for this to be a National Facility instrument in the Apr 2018 semester.

CSIRO engineers installing the Ultrawideband Ultra-wideband Low receiver on the Parkes Telescope

Report provided by Annabelle Young, CSIRO