News from the Precursor & Pathfinder facilities

ASKAP Report

ASKAP Commissioning News The construction of ASKAP is nearing completion with 24 antennas having been handed over for commissioning and integration into the array. The remaining antennas await installation of their digital processing systems, scheduled to occur mid-2018. Delivery of…Read more

Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA)

HERA has been both under construction and in operation over this current observing season, which ends in April 2018. The final numbers for the season are that 71 are in operation of 131 constructed antennas. Construction of antennas will continue…Read more

Parkes Observatory

The installation of the Ultra-wideband Low (UWL) receiver system has been scheduled on from the 14th to 20th of May. The receiver, the new digitisation system and the GPU astronomy-backend system will be tested and commissioned after the installation. Various…Read more


Science frontiers for SKA-VLBI Since last reported, Critical Design Reviews for the different elements of the SKA telescope have started. Consortium members and the SKA Office are undergoing a very intense period of formal review to assess the completeness, compliance…Read more

GMRT Report

The upgraded GMRT moves to the near final release: The work on the upgrade of the GMRT has come close to the final release. For the GMRT observing cycle #34 (starting from April 2018), the upgraded GMRT (uGMRT) is being…Read more