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SKA-France in the news

Following the announcement of CNRS joining the SKA Organisation on behalf of Maison SKA France (MSF), Dr. Guy Perrin (Deputy Director, Head of Astronomy & Astrophysics Division at CNRS/INSU; Chair of the Board of MSF) has been interviewed about the SKA project by the science magazine Futura Science.

The article, available online, offers a beautiful overview of the unique scientific objectives of the project, its technological challenges, as well as its development plan. G. Perrin stressed the interest towards the SKA not only of the French astronomical community, but also of national private companies, in particular in the very competitive fields of Big Data, high performance computing, electronics, green energy production and storage.

Two interviews of the SKA-France Director about the SKA project have been published in the September-October 2018 issue of the French magazine “Ciel & espace”.

The first interview follows the announcement of CNRS joining the SKA Organisation on behalf of Maison SKA France (MSF) and provides an overview of current activities of the French community in the design phase of the SKA. C. Ferrari gives also some insights on the on-going process lead by the SKA Organisation towards the creation of an Intergovernmental Organisation leading the future SKA Observatory.

In the second interview, the SKA computing and networking requirements are presented in a reportage about Big Data prospects in future astronomical facilities.

Awards on SKA-related work

Virginie Ollier, PhD student working in the SATIE department of ENS Paris-Saclay (France), is the contest winner of the 3MT EURASIP (3 Minute Thesis of the European Association for Signal Processing) for her work «Advanced signal processing techniques for calibration of the new generation of radio interferometers», delivered during the 26th European Signal Processing conference (EUSIPCO) in Rome, Italy September 3-7, 2018.

This important achievement follows the award she got for Master Internship, delivered by Ecole Centrale de Marseille in 2015, and the STIC Doctoral School PhD Student Award for the Best Scientific Contribution Award for the paper V. Ollier, M. N. El Korso, R. Boyer, P. Larzabal and M. Pesavento, « Robust Calibration of Radio Interferometers in Non-Gaussian Environment » (IEEE TSP, Vol. 65, Iss. 21, Nov. 2017, pp. 5649-5660).

Congratulations to Virginie! (image courtesy: Univ. Paris-Saclay)

Second SKA-France Day

The Second SKA France Day took place on November 23, 2018 in the Theatre of the ENS Ulm, Paris. With more than 120 registrations, the meeting confirmed the raising interest of the French community in the SKA project.

After the enthusiastic and enlightening opening words of E. Verges (Director of “Service de la stratégie de la recherche et de l’innovation” at Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation), the recall of the interest in the SKA project for INSU by N. Arnaud (Director of CNRS/INSU), as well as an overview of the SKA place in the future of French astronomy by G. Perrin (Deputy director of CNRS/INSU, Head of Astronomy & Astrophysics Division), representatives of Maison SKA-France summarised the recent evolutions of SKA and of its preparation in France. An alternation of talks by speakers of the academic and industry domains allowed to show the variety of the technological and scientific applications envisaged by the French community in the project.

Presentations are available at the SKA-France webpage.

Report provided by Chiara Ferrari