Solar, Heliospheric & Ionospheric Physics

Anticipating in-situ and SKA observations of solar storms

Often observations with a single instrument provides incomplete pictures of an astrophysical phenomena. This is particularly true when tackling challenging science questions like magnetic reconnection and corona heating. The multi-instrument and multi-wavelength observations yield richer and more comprehensive look at the astrophysical objects.

Anticipating the launch of new solar missions, the emerging observational opportunities for joint SKA and in-situ observations from NASA Parker Solar Probe and ESA Solar Orbiter were discussed in France at the international Steinbeg workshop last month.

While the space probes will travel into the inner heliosphere for in-situ measurements, the SKA will be able to provide radio coverage of the same phenomena in the inner heliosphere. Jean-Louis Steinbeg (Meudon, France) is one of the pioneers in this field of radio astronomy. Co-founder of the Nancay Observatory, he was also inspired by the observations from many space missions. A series of talks have been presented to cover the new developments in the discipline, which may come with merging in-situ and remote radio observations of the Sun and the heliosphere.

Report provided by the Solar, Helio & Iono SWG