There are two significant pieces of news from the Cosmology SWG:

  1. There was a meeting of the SWG at the University of Turin in September 2018 hosted by Stefano Camera. Around 25 members of the group attended in person and another 15 electronically from various parts of the world. We were lucky to have an invited talk given by Gianni Bernardi from the EoR SWG on possible links with the cosmology SWG particularly on using SKA-LOW surveys for cosmology and also on intensity mapping in general. There were also talks by a number of early career researchers on new work they had being doing in the last year along with updates from the Focus Group chairs. As well interesting scientific discussions we were treated to excellent hospitality by those in Turin.
  2. The cosmology Red Book 2018 has been submitted to the arXiv – arXiv:1811.02743. This paper, which highlights the present version of the cosmology science case with SKA1, has been a major project for the SWG over the last couple of years. It will be updated on the timescale of every 2-3 years up to the operation of the SKA1. A news item was issued by the SKA Organisation to promote the cosmology Red Book.

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