In late December 2017, the SKA Cosmology Science Working Group (SWG) held a very successful 2-day workshop generously hosted by Queen Mary University London to discuss the latest progress and activities of the SWG for 2019. The main focus of the meeting was the preparation and planning of the Cosmology Red Book, which serves as an update to the Cosmology Science Chapters published in 2014, taking into account the re-baselining and latest changes in the instrument’s design. This workshop also saw the handover from the previous chairs Prof Mario Santos and Prof Xuelei Chen to the new co-chairs Prof Richard Battye and Dr Laura Wolz. Many thanks to Mario and Xuelei for driving the efforts of the Red Book and many other activities over the past two years!

The workshop was followed by a one day workshop between the SKA Cosmology SWG and Euclid, a Stage IV cosmological survey driven by the European Space Agency and Euclid Consortium. Synergies between the experiments were explored through talks and discussion sessions and both teams expressed strong interest to closely collaborate over the next decade. The success of the two workshops was reflected through an increased interest in joining the SWG, resulting in a total of 130 members to-date.

At present, the Cosmology SWG is finalising the compilation of the Red Book with an anticipated publication date in May 2018. The SWG’s efforts in 2018 will also be focused around exploring the Data Challenges posed by the upcoming SKA cosmology surveys, working closely with the SKA Global Headquarters.

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